Rushford Village

The town of Rushford was established in 1854. In 1869 the City of Rushford was formed as a separate area that was removed from the town. Later the Town of Rushford was incorporated into a Village by a vote of the inhabitants on July 18, 1885 as provided for by a Minnesota state law passed in March 1885. The Village of Rushford became a city by a state law passed in 1973 which declared all villages to be cities. In May 1975, the name was officially changed to “City of Rushford Village.” Rushford Village actually surrounds the two cities of Peterson and Rushford, Minnesota.

The City of Rushford Village has a total area of 3,364 square miles nestled in the Root River Valley between stunning bluffs and state forest land. The Historic Bluff Country National Scenic By-Way, State Hwy. 16, runs east and west through Rushford Village, much of it near the Root River State Bike Trail and along the Root River. Rushford Village is a blend of agriculture, small manufacturing, small businesses, in-home businesses and wide open spaces. Its rolling farmlands provide residence to slightly over 800

Many breathtaking panoramas can be viewed from the elevated points on its ridges overlooking the surrounding countryside. Watershed valleys and rich bottom lands provide streams and waterways with fine trout fishing. Community center and shelter rentals are available as well as camping facilities.

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