St. Ansgar

St. Ansgar is known as “The Garden Spot of Iowa” because of the beautiful local gardens, large old trees and lush farmland around the town.

To honor a man whose influence had much to do in the shaping of his own life, the Rev. C. J. Clausen gave to the town the name “Saint Ansgar” (meaning “God’s Spear”). St. Ansgar is the only town so named in this entire United States and even in the entire world.

St. Ansgar is full of charming shops and home to the well-known Blue Belle Inn Bed and Breakfast. Also in St. Ansgar, and on the National Register of Historic Places, is the First Lutheran Church, the oldest Lutheran church in continuous use west of the Mississippi.

Horizon Foods, a division of Malt-o-Meal, is one of several agricultural industries located in St. Ansgar. On June 14-16, 2013, St. Ansgar will celebrate its agricultural connections with its annual Oatmeal Days event.

Located near St. Ansgar is the Cedar River which provides opportunities for excellent boating, fishing, water-skiing and other activities. Halvorson Park is located 1 mile south of town. Cedar River Sportsman’s Park, which overlooks the river, is located 2 miles southeast of town. Both are wonderful places for picnics and camping.

Acorn Park Golf Course is located 1 mile north of St. Ansgar and is nestled among the beautiful oak trees along the Cedar River. A zero-entry aquatic center is also open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and offers a water slide, lap pool, and other amenities.

White Deer Park in downtown St. Ansgar pays tribute to a white deer that roamed a three-mile square area northwest of town for about nine years. Born in the spring of 1980, she bore a fawn each year and mothered two or three sets of twins. Upon her death on December 13, 1988, she was preserved, mounted and is on display in a glassed-in case.

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