Protivin is known for its rich Czech heritage. It was founded by Czech settlers in mid 19th century, and named “Protivin” after the Bohemian town because the landscape reminded them of their home region.

The town celebrates their Czech heritage during Czech Days festival each August. These days are full of events – a food and beer tent, music, polka Mass, cake walk, bingo, crafts, softball, basketball, volleyball, dances, and serves about 1,300 dozen kolaches and 800 dozen rohliky! Each winter they also celebrate Masopust, a traditional Czech carnival (Mardi Gras style) before Lent.

Protivin also boasts a fine softball park, a city park, a veterans memorial, a large community center, Catholic church and school, and a short distance east of Protivin is the Bohemian National Cemetery. Businesses are aplenty with restaurants and bars, a guest house, meat locker, a bank, post office, lumber yard, mini-mart, farm businesses, and more.